The Flemish Literature Fund organised another wonderful Publishers’ Tour in Flanders for children’s literature professionals. It was great to be able to take part in a session at the Vertalershuis in Antwerp, where Aline Sax and I introduced her work to publishers from nine different countries. German translator Rolf Erdorf talked to Michael De Cock & Judith Vanistendael about Rosie en Moussa, and Chinese translator Minya Lin presented Els Beerten and her work. Moderator Eva Devos did a great job of keeping us all on track! Now let’s hope that the publishers are inspired to pick up some great Flemish children’s books for translation… I’m rooting for Aline’s Grensgangers (sample available!), which is one of the very deserving nominees for the Gouden Lijst prize, along with Edward van de Vendel’s Oliver and Bart Moeyaert’s De hemel.

Oh yes… and Donald Gardner and I went to London to pick up the Vondel Prize for his translation of Remco Campert’s poems and my translation of Tonke Dragt’s The Letter for the King.